About Us


Carefully curated, Latina owned clothing brand created by Carolina Lucas. Early in her journey as a immigrant to the US at age 12 from a Mexican and Brazilian background, Carolina carried a love for fashion that helped her identify with her roots. Her experiences led her to create a line for women behind the meaning of always being authentic to yourself and to carry your own light every where you go. 

The meaning behind LUMA is light. We believe you have the opportunity to wear your light everyday. In other words, your wardrobe helps tell a story about how you show up to the world to highlight your uniqueness, your confidence, your radiance.

Each piece in the collection features sleek silhouettes, vibrant colors along with neutral tones that are transitional through out the seasons. Our goal was to create a line that makes women feel beautiful and confident while including pieces in your wardrobe that are versatile and functional for various occasions.

We hope that each of our pieces help bring out your own unique light!